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Genuine Febi Bilstein high temperature ceramic grease.

Febi Bilstein ceramic grease is white and odorless and has an operating temperature of -22°F to +2552°F, much higher than that of conventional copper grease making it the perfect barrel nut installation lube.

Febi grease can also be can be applied to suppressor adapters to prevent suppressors from seizing onto adapters.

• Barrel nut assembly lube.

• Suppressor adapter anti-seize.

•  Lubricant for trigger assemblies and fire control parts.

• Will not cook off and/or smoke even under the most extreme conditions.

• Metal free and therefore suitable for all aluminum and steel.

• Resistant to hot and cold water as well as most acids.

• Perfectly suited for separation and corrosion protection of threads, bolts, pins etc. even when exposed to high temperatures.

Clean surfaces and apply a thin film of febi 26711/26712 evenly, wiping off the excess.

🇩🇪 Made In Germany.